EHR Implementation Hacks

This is an implementation hack for physicians who are in, or are soon to be in the process of implementing a new EHR at their practice. It is a list of things you can do, to make the whole process easier, as well as more productive for you.

One of the worst experiences that a physician can go through is to have to go through a highly unplanned, disorganized and quick implementations session where the physician does not even know what’s going on.5 secrest of smart EHR

After you have made the tough decision of selecting an EHR vendor. It’s time to put on your thinking cap and direct the implementation process. You know your specialty. You know your workflows. You know what everyone does, and how capable everyone is. You know what the daily workflow is, and you can figure out how the workflow can be channelized through software.

You need to prepare everyone for change. Tell them what’s coming. What will be required? What will they need to do? How are you going to go about it. How things are going to change. How their workflow is going to change.

It is prudent if you perform a cost/benefit analysis. Make a list of all the pros against the cons of a new system at the workplace. Decide if the pros are worth the effort. That if the cons can be forgotten about.

Sometimes, it is also extremely important to formally document your plan for the implementations process. It gives the whole plan more credibility.

Stick to your objectives. We often forget what we initially wanted and what we set out to achieve. Know and remember your objectives. What you had hoped to gain from an EHR. How you thought it would help. How you had planned for the implementation, and the changes in advance.

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