The right measures for Meaningful Use Stage 2 compliance

While Stage 1 of the Meaningful Use program was all about data capturing and sharing, Stage 2 focuses on advanced clinical processes and builds upon information derived from Stage 1. However, they are pretty tough and are not easy to meet.

Once you’ve selected your baseline Meaningful Use Stage 2 measures and corresponding decision support interventions, you can begin to measure the effectiveness of process or workflow changes in your office.ehr

These are some of the measures due to which medical practices may not get the desired results in Stage 2.

  1. Choosing the wrong measures for your practice: It is very important that you read the measures carefully and implement only those which apply to your practice. For example, the patient reminder metric measures the number of unique patients within the past 24 months who appear to have an unmet preventive care or chronic care need.
  2. Using the EHR beyond its capabilities: One Stage 2 measure requires doctors to provide patient-specific educational resources for 10% or more of unique patients seen during the reporting period. That seems like a reasonable level, but note that an EHR must identify the need for the materials. Is your EHR able to generate educational material based on information in the problem or medication lists?
  3. You don’t have the resources to make a measure work: As providers scramble to implement technology in 2014, they also have to make sure that either they or their vendors have implemented these electronic communication protocols. The summary-of-care record measure, states that more than 10% of transitions and referrals must be transmitted electronically using either the Direct or Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) protocols.

These are some of the techniques you need to keep in mind in order to make sure Meaningful Use Stage 2 measures are met and exceeded. Here’s a helpful white paper, “Guide to Meaningful Use Stage 2” which can further assist you in ensuring compliance with regulatory measures.

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