EHR or EMR? Which one is for you?

A lot of US physicians, healthcare centers and hospitals are using Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for their practices, but they still need to have separate practice management and billing software in order to manage their practice workflows.

However, having multiple health IT vendors consumes a lot of time to process patient data and ensure that the information is reliable, accurate and error-free.

Recently, the concept of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) software has emerged which enables practices to manage their entire businesses with the help of just one software. Its single-most important feature, Interoperability, allows for easy exchange and usage of patient data, lab reports, invoices, lab orders and other important data between one and more networks that would otherwise take ages to process.

Imagine having to scan, fax or email hundreds of thousands of paper charts everyday at your practice to various entities involved in the healthcare industry. Not only will this take countless hours to process, it will mean that you are spending less time on patients and more time doing manual labor.

An EHR software helps you process this information efficiently, allowing you to save not only more time, but also focus on patients, thereby improving quality of care delivered. Additional benefits of using an EHR software also include payment incentives that you receive from the government if you are demonstrating meaningful use of data, improving patient engagement through patient portals and reporting on clinical quality measures.

Another added feature of a well-integrated EHR software is that it allows you to manage your receivables with ease and improve your cash flow through its built-in billing software.

In more than one ways, an EHR software is better than an EMR software. However, it really comes down to your practice size, number of providers, workflow requirements and other factors to determine which one is for you.

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