3 reasons how EHRs makes your practice workflows efficient

In order for a practice to perform at its optimum level, it needs efficient workflow. EHRs are able to provide that efficiency, let’s see three key reasons how.

Patient Scheduling: CureMD’s EHR can provide service to a private healthcare provider or a hospital. With click and drag functionality, scheduling can be arranged in minutes, for multiple healthcare facilities.

Practice’s calendar view can be arranged the way the provider needs. Multiple provider schedules can be arranged with specific color coding for specific appointment or provider. The status of appointments is set on alerts so that providers and patients are notified automatically.emr

Customize your calendar views in the way that best fits your practice. You can view multiple provider schedules side-by-side, color-code your schedule by provider or appointment type, and set the status of current patient visits to notify providers of a patient’s arrival.

Billing services: With CureMD’s Medical Billing services, the practice can choose our own billing services that cater to your specific need.

CureMD’s allow seamless sync with superbills, set up is also extremely easy and takes a few clicks. EHR allows secure exchange of electronic superbills without the need of paper superbills or phone calls to your biller.

e-Prescription: Through EHR, e-Prescription is efficiently performed. CureMD’s EHR is connected to 40,000 plus pharmacies across the US. It allows for automatic transforming of provider prescriptions to be forwarded to Surescripts, which checks the information in real-time and forwards the information to a specific pharmacy.

Patient scheduling, billing services and e-Prescription are just three things your practice can use to increase practices’ workflow. But there are many others, for which you must switch to an EHR, now! At the end of the day, the first time EHR was introduced by IBM in 1961; it was all about saving costs and increasing efficiency.

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