Smile your way away!

smileA free smile can save trillions of dollars. It sounds big, and the fact is, it is big. There are many benefits of smiling. Here are a few!

Healthy heart – A smile lowers heart rate. It helps relax the body. It is a refreshing and healthy exercise for your heart.

Reduces stress – Modern world is undoubtedly stressful. With a mere smile only, you can release those endorphins that can help reduce your stress level.

Looks younger – Scientific studies show that a smile makes people look younger.

Longevity – People who smile live 7 years longer than those who don’t smile.

Produces empathy – A smile breaks ice and promotes warmth among others.

Avoids regret – We feel regret when we don’t smile. Failing to do so, increases our stress level.

Kills pain – Smiling and laughter are natural painkillers and reduce our stress level.

Increases attention – Smiling widens our attention span and helps us multitask giving us insight into our perception and our subconscious.

Contagious – 50% of the people smile back. This creates a happily-healthy atmosphere all around because smile is truly contagious.

Builds attraction – Smiling promotes affection among people. Men approach women who smile and avoid those who don’t.

Recipe for success – A smile can make a person appear confident and self-assured.

Increases productivity – It has been scientifically proven that smiling increases productivity. Those silly internet memes and pictures of cute kittens can actually get people bubbly from inside.

Encourages trust – Smiling creates trustfulness. Trust is one of the main components of our social fabric. Smiling in a social setup makes people not only happy but creates trust in the individual who smiles.

When a smile comes from a genuine heart, it is almost seductive. So, start smiling from today because the modern world desperately needs it.

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