CureMD EMR Reviews


Advanced and easy to use, the award winning CureMD EHR offers complete information and evidence based knowledge wherever it is required. Facilitating effective decision making while improving care quality and patient satisfaction, CureMD empowers patients.

An integrated approach with certified web technology enables consistency in care coordination and sharing of information across various platforms. CureMD drives enhanced collaboration, productivity and safety.

Supporting clinical approaches and unique workflows, reducing cognitive overload, the specialty-specific dashboard oriented, point-and-click technology offered by CureMD enables accurate, faster and complete documentation.

Simplifying decision making, streamlining current operations, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices, CureMD saves time and effort to fully maximize value and returns.

CureMD all-in-one Electronic Health Records

As care providers, you are challenged to drive and generate positive outcomes through demonstration of Meaningful Use. Using certified technology with CureMD amounts to Improving quality, safety, efficiency and reductions in cost, while keeping patients and their families engaged, leading to privacy and security of patient data.

The web based, award winning all-in-one EHR(Electronic Health Record) comprising of practice management, revenue cycle management an patient portal attend to the major challenges faced by providers today. Simplifying practice for Meaningful Use, CureMD helps providers drive outcomes and subsidy payments to optimize value and returns.

From solo and group practices to large multi-disciplinary facilities across the country, the certified technology offered by CureMD is trusted by thousands of practices which have gained the highest profitability and efficient workflows.

CureMD Practice Management

Streamlining clinical, administrative and financial operations of care delivery organizations, the web-based CureMD Practice Management provides unprecedented opportunities for productivity, integration and growth.

The ability to effortlessly integrate access across patient demographics, electronic billing, scheduling, reporting and workflow management essentially connects front and back office operations. CureMD drives efficiency, eliminates communication barriers and delays in reimbursements


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